Even the Teacher May Forget Something

I was translating a sentence for a foreign language group and near the finish I forgot one, the simplest word. So, I couldn’t remember “Pharda” in English.

What will happen if I disappear now – I thought, and suddenly I heard a quiet voice from behind: “Curtain” right, teacher?

The anxiety was over, I looked around and the students continued their work calmly. Knowing that even the teacher can sometimes forget.

At the end of the lesson, I thanked my savior child. “For what, teacher?” – She asked me. “For the curtain reminder” – I answered.
“You naturally accept our million mistakes, because by correcting them we grow with knowledge”… – Was her answer.

And the video address where I talk about the philosophy of teaching came to my mind.

I was surprised. The children not only remembered, but also understood: we all make mistakes in life, which is a normal condition.


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