English Instructor from Sakartvelo

We all have a moment of enlightenment when a special thought comes to us. The idea of ​​teaching a foreign language came to me in Agara, in my yard, while I was thinking about the future.

Once in my town the Americans arrived and started a summer English course. Then I would be in 6th class and I enrolled in with great interest.

I especially remember the final day when the class was divided into two teams and the words on the board were written down. 90% of the words from the team I named/guessed in English.

During my life in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, I used all the opportunities to learn foreign languages. It would be walking to the libraries, taking appropriate courses, or talking to native speakers.

Now I have students of different ages who unite a common goal: to start speaking a foreign language. I devote at least 8-10 hours in a day to lessons. I receive students from other villages on Saturdays too.

I plan to develop my own learning foreign language tactics and share them with more students. Then they will suddenly realize that they are automatically learning a new language – and the thoughts come naturally.


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