It Is Too Early to Give Up

I saw one of my students and my eyes filled with tears

The girl enrolled in English and no longer appeared after the introductory meeting. I could not even get in touch and I thought she had changed her mind about studying.

I rested the children on Independence Day, but I heard a sudden call.

I looked up and at the door stood this lost pupil.

She told me that after the introductory lesson she counted the minutes when she could leave the store for a lesson, but…

The market owner, having learned the new story, also leaves her extra hours for work.

Tell me, if you can, to ask for your papers, to explain the topics where you wrote to us.

She asked me, if possible, to give her papers, where I was writing about grammar.

I invited her and we summarized all the past material. We practiced for more than two hours and agreed that it was too early the quit.

She does not deserve to struggle so much for education, but I believe she will take no less knowledge than her classmates.

With her skills, energy, and striving for her goal she will help the homeland.

Happy Independence Day!


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