“I Do Not Want Young People To Be Unable to Get an Education Because of Lacking Money” – Temur Ikoshvili

The interview was recorded by Radio Fortuna, author: Nanka Kokiashvili

Full interview fortuna.ge

How did your parents bring you up, what was exemplary for you?

A close environment has great importance for the development of a person. Despite the financial difficulties, my family did their best for me to have all kinds of study literature.

How did you choose a profession? Tell us about this experience ..

Foreign language instruction gives me happiness now. If you mean the university profession, I am a management specialist.

At the same time, I was learning foreign languages. In addition to studying English, and Turkish at Tbilisi State University; I acquired the Russian language independently.

You have students who you symbolically teach for 30 GEL. Where did you get this idea?

I returned to my hometown from the capital – I think I will be a very useful person here.

I teach for 30 GEL in a month (less than $10) because many students will not be able to afford the standard price with the income of a needy family. I do not want them to lose sight of a better future because of poverty.

What do you think the teacher means to the student?

The teacher factor may play an important positive or negative role in student development. This is especially true for children and adults.

While you give Praise, remarks, or advice, the main thing is to help pupils achieve better results.

Every human action is a success, even if they answer me wrong. In this case, they will have the opportunity to realize their mistakes and be more prepared to meet new challenges.

What do you need to make it easier for students to share knowledge?

I want to give them educational literature for free. If anyone can help us with this, I will be grateful.

As for the environment, the summer heat is approaching and the cooling of the classroom will give us relief. The higher the outside temperature, the hotter it is in the classroom.

Thanks for the questions.


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