Aspire to Education

I want to tell you about one of my best pupils and why I left disappointed because of myself.

Last year her mother messaged me that she wanted sixth graders bringing on English classes.

Unfortunately, I had already finished admissions and in the middle of the season, I could not add any more students.

Her final message was that for the next year, she would contact me again.

When I saw this child in the interview I was shocked. Her younger brother held her hand and they came together on the staircase.

Moving is hard for the girl and she also has problems with her eyesight.

I normally greeted her, like other students but inside I felt anger myself. Why I did not clarify her condition and make them wait for one year?

Up to now, she did not miss any lessons; she is involved in studying activities. At the same time, she is the kindest and friendliest pupil to other group members.

The aspiration of such children towards education deserves all the support of society.

November 12, 2022


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