Pupils Talk More Than I Do

Students say they cannot speak English. The reason we have to search in the past. They are probably waiting for the accumulation of a large supply of words and then they will start talking activities. That’s a mistake because learning half a million words means endless waiting, right? The student gets tired and gives up. He’ll think he will never start talking.

Many of them have already come with this mood. After taking the initial steps, they are surprised by themselves – learning English no longer seems impossible.


A Positive Boost for the District

I love Agara very much. While studying in the capital, I always missed this place. I supported the locals remotely, and by coming when needed. Especially in the initiatives related to the economic strengthening of the district.

Recently, I actively started thinking about returning to the town. I thought about what positive push I could bring to the daily life of Agara and surrounding villages.


Students’ Lesson

Everyone understands the demands of the new era. We live in an age of technology whose spoken language is English. Wherever you are, at least you will know about mobile; Drop down the menu and you will definitely find this language.

Students have additional reasons for learning English, for example: understanding school material, preparing for exams, getting a better job, or using a foreign language abroad.


English Instructor from Sakartvelo

We all have a moment of enlightenment when a special thought comes to us. The idea of ​​teaching a foreign language came to me in Agara, in my yard, while I was thinking about the future.

Once in my town the Americans arrived and started a summer English course. Then I would be in 6th class and I enrolled in with great interest.

I especially remember the final day when the class was divided into two teams and the words on the board were written down. 90% of the words from the team I named/guessed in English.


Guessing Game

I have a very modest student in Turkish. If I don’t ask her to repeat the word, she is completely silent during the lesson. Sometimes she will try to give the right answer in a low voice.

Children love games, so I prepared a “Guessing Game” for this child and started waiting for the child to become active.

She came to a new lesson and had so much fun that I didn’t recognize her anymore.


Foreign Language for Free

Looking back, I realize that the survival instinct played a huge role in my life. I don’t know, really… there were periods when I thought, what could be worse than this, and I experienced it.

Courier without a schedule, waiter and exhausting work in a restaurant until dawn, consultant in a supermarket, from where I used to walk a kilometer at 00:00 to get home in the cold…