The Value of My Hometown

I worked in the capital of Georgia at one of the most famous companies as an assistant to the CEO.

I achieved this position with my own effort after two years of graduation from university.

I sent my CV, I was at the first interview with the HR manager. Next was also the second interview with my direct manager.

After the trial period, they hired me, but…


New Year’s Present

I received a present for New Year in advance.

As an English teacher, I live constantly in Agara.

training and courses for professional development are not conducted here.

From this situation, I found one choice – reading world-acknowledged materials and taking them in a practice.


Aspire to Education

I want to tell you about one of my best pupils and why I left disappointed because of myself.

Last year her mother messaged me that she wanted sixth graders bringing on English classes.

Unfortunately, I had already finished admissions and in the middle of the season, I could not add any more students.

Her final message was that for the next year, she would contact me again.


The Question of Radio Holding “Fortuna”

Author: Nanka Kokiashvili; Full interview on fortuna.ge

Please tell me about your students and the learning process, which method do you use?

I conduct group lessons. Two-thirds of the time is for students’ involvement – it could be dialogs, games, or another activity.

I choose complex teaching, which covers all components of foreign language fluency: reading, speaking, listening, playing, etc.


“I Do Not Want Young People To Be Unable to Get an Education Because of Lacking Money” – Temur Ikoshvili

The interview was recorded by Radio Fortuna, author: Nanka Kokiashvili

Full interview fortuna.ge

How did your parents bring you up, what was exemplary for you?

A close environment has great importance for the development of a person. Despite the financial difficulties, my family did their best for me to have all kinds of study literature.


Sit Down, Two Points

Some students are wary and scared when they start studying. The reason is the negative experience in school when the teacher says harsh words and writes two in a journal.

I work separately to correct this mood. I explain to the children that there are friends here and talking is not punished. Even if they answer me wrong, I will move on to another student with a question.